Top 5 Must Do's in Seville

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The capital of Andalucia and the 4th largest city in Spain, Seville is a great place to visit with lots of cultural and historical tourist attractions. Consider purchasing a Seville Card to aid in exploration and save you big by allowing for free admission to most museums and monuments in the city, as well as unlimited public transportation.

Here are the top 5 must do’s in Seville:

The Real Alcazar
This Moorish palace has countless rooms, amazing architecture and wonderful gardens with lavish courtyard and ponds. Here you can check out the room where Christopher Columbus’ American journey was planned. This is a great retreat from the hot sun and a nice place to spend several hours strolling the expansive gardens and taking in the ornate designs.

The Cathedral of Seville
The final resting place of Christopher Columbus, this cathedral is considered the largest church in the world when using volume as the measurement. This beautifully decorated 15th century cathedral is built on the site of a former mosque from the 12th century. Climb the 37 meters of the central nave for an incredible view of the city.


Seville features several great venues to see some really quality Flamenco. Popular throughout the country, Seville is renowned as a center for Flamenco learning and has some great talent. Check out El Arenal or The Cultural Centre for shows, the “Museo del Baile Flamenco,” a flamenco museum, and/or the free nightly shows at La Carboneria for some great examples of this Spanish music and dance.

Bull Fighting
Visit the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza to catch a real life bull fight. If you are squeamish or not interested in watching a bull killed, visit the attached museum of bull fighting for an interesting overview of the sport throughout the years as well as a tour of the arena and grounds.


In Andalucia, tapas are especially famous. Spending some time enjoying some of these small plate delicacies is definitely a must do while visiting Seville. Enjoy olives, sheep’s milk cheese, octopus, ham or spicy potatoes over a glass of wine or beer and take in the real tastes of the region. There are numerous wonderful tapas bars throughout the city.

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