Day Trips in Seville

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Spending several days exploring the city's surrounding areas during your Seville vacation offers everything from wilderness parks and ancient ruins to underground lakes and old mining towns. Continue reading through the listings to learn about some of Seville's most popular day trips.

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Private Drivers Andalucia

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Private Tours of Andalucia with an English speaking Driver.

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Donana National Park

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Located only 62 miles southwest of Seville is Donana National Park -- an 188,000-acre wilderness area and wetlands. The park can be found in Andalusia on the right bank of the Guadalquivir River at its estuary on the Atlantic Ocean. You will come across lagoons, marshlands, biotopes, maquis, scrub woodland, and mobile and fixed dunes during your hike. There are more than 100 species of rare birds at Donana National Park. Because Donana National Park is a protected park, many areas are off-limits. Daily tours are offered via four-wheel-drive buses. These more..

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Santa Maria de La Rabida

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Located 19 miles northwest of Donana National Park is Santa Maria de La Rabida "the Birthplace of America." Christopher Columbus stayed here in 1485, and the church houses the 14th century statue of the Virgin of Miracles. Other points of interest include: beautiful botanical gardens, murals depicting Christopher Columbus's life, Monument Plus Ultra commemorating the first transatlantic flight between Spain and America, Monumento a los Descubridores to commemorate the fourth centenary of the discovery of America, and Caravels Wharf where visitors can explore replicas of more..

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Riotinto Mining Area

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A visit to this mining town, located around 46 miles northeast of Huelva, offers an opportunity to tour one of the largest open-pit mines on the planet. Corta Atalaya is around 1,100 feet deep and 4,000 feet across. Other highlights include the Mining and Railway Museum and a ride on a 19th century Miner's Train. Also on the tour menu is a stop at Bellavista. This is the English quarter where the British mine managers lived.

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