Top 5 Must Do's in Malaga

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Malaga must do's range from ancient art to modern art, and from bull fighting to golfing. If you're in Malaga for a visit, why not make the most of your trip by adding one or all of these top 5 Malaga must do's to your itinerary? There's something for everyone in Malaga!

1. Alcazaba

This Moorish citadel, or fortress ("alcazaba" in Spanish), was mostly built in the 11th century. Roam around the area to marvel at the fountains, gates and towers. Some of these structures were constructed using materials from the 2nd-century Roman Theater, which remains in ruins in front of the fort. Once inside, you can explore the palace and the Archaeological Museum.

2. Caves of Nerja

Located four kilometers outside of Malaga are the Caves of Nerja, where you can see some of the world's oldest cave paintings from the Paleolithic Era. The caves themselves are very impressive, with monstrous stalagmites and stalactites stretching from floor to ceiling. Stairs have been built into the caves to allow easier access for tourists, but be sure to wear suitable shoes. Inside you can see the remains of humans that once inhabited the caves, and even play a giant cave "organ." Concerts are occasionally held in the natural amphitheater of the caves.

3. Picasso Museum

From some of the first artworks to some of the first modern artworks, Malaga has it all. The city is the birthplace of Picasso, and both his birth home and the museum remain as testament to his great works. The museum contains over 200 of some of his greatest pieces, most of which were donated to Malaga by his direct descendants, acting on Picasso's wishes to have his work displayed in the city of his birth. You can tour the museum to see great examples of his art, or take a few moments to watch a film on Pablo Picasso.

4. Bull Fight

Not for everybody, but certainly worth adding to the list of Malaga must do's, is watching a bull fight. This Spanish pastime is most famous in Andalusia, so you're sure to find a good showing in Malaga. The arena is located near Gilbralfaro Castle (another popular tourist destination) and the season runs from April through September, though the highest concentration of bull fights occurs in August. It can be gory, however, and is not recommended for children. 

5. Golfing

If you're looking for something more relaxing to add to your list of Malaga must do's, why not try your hand at any of the nearby golf courses. There are four courses located within or just beyond Malaga city limits. Parador is the oldest golf course on the Costa del Sol, and is conveniently located near the airport, as is Guadalhorce. Anoreta is also near the city and is one of the more challenging courses. There are around fifty other golf courses on the Costa del Sol, all within easy driving distance of Malaga. Why not test your skills at some of these top courses, which range from coastal settings to mountain terrain, and all offer great experiences and beautiful scenery.

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