Shopping in Malaga

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Malaga Shopping  is a fascinating mix of the old and the new. With the boon of tourism to the area, more contemporary shops and shopping malls have been developed. However, there are still many small, idiosyncratic shops that have been owned by the same families for generations. These smaller shops often thrive on selling one or two specialties.

Malaga Central Market

This local market offers fish, meat, seafood and a variety of cheeses. This is a great place to stop and have lunch after spending the day sightseeing throughout Malaga. Or if you are planning on a dinner party, picking up the fresh lobsters or prawns available here will only impress your guests.

C alle Larios

This is in the center of Malaga, and definitely mixes the old with the new. Lining each side are more contemporary fashion boutiques that stand side by side with shops that sell unusual handicrafts and souvenirs. There are also small shops that have been part of Malaga for generations.

Major Shopping Centers

Malago is full of shopping centers throughout the whole area, selling everything from name-brand clothing to household items. Among them are Almazul Calle, Centro Commercial Los Patios, Centro Commercial Malaga, El Corte Ingles, Felix Saenz, and Los Artesanos. There are also many shops that specialize in books, jewelry and local products such as wine, olive oil, cakes, and leather goods.


If you are looking for a bookstore in Malaga, you have a wide range of choices. At the Plaza de la Constitucion, you will find Cervantes, a wonderful little bookstore. If you are nearer to Alameda Principal, Luces is a good choice.


You can find cheaper, more kitschy jewelry at the many souvenir places along the waterfront, but for better quality pieces, go to Fernando Joyeros or Aurelio Marzos. These shops are located near the center of Malaga.

Local Products

While you are visiting Malaga, you may wish to stock up on some of the local products available, such as pastries, olive oil, leather goods, and wine. These little specialty stores are also found throughout Malaga. For the most decadent choices, however, Abadia de Santa Anna is the best pastry shop. For wine, try Bodegas Lara, Bodegas Gomara, or El Barril de Mistico. Leather goods can be found at Martin Saenz. But remember, half the fun of finding these places is in the search and exploration of Malaga itself.

You will never be disappointed in shopping in Malaga. With so many different malls and shops to choose from, you will not go home empty handed.


Shopping in Malaga is definitely a treat! Not only will you find some of the most unique gifts, souvenirs and foods available in Spain during your Malaga trip, you will also find these items and more at some of the lowest prices in the country. Of course, much like any other city, Malaga has its fair share of upscale shopping venues as well. In and around Malaga, you will find everything from designer boutiques and international chains and malls to weekly markets, souvenir strips, antique stores, and more.

Marques de Larios is the city's shopping center featuring expensive shops and a number of attractions such as churches and museums nearby as well as Malaga's central market. El Corte Ingles is the areas most popular department store, and trendy fashions can be found at a Spanish chain called "Blanco" located at Puerta del Mar 13. Continue reading through the listings to find out about some of Malaga's most popular places to shop as well as a few off-the-beaten-path places that shouldn't be missed!

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