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If you like to get to know people from other countries or if you travel alone, a very good idea is booking a spanish course, where the school arranges the accommodation and activities. From the first day you will meet open minded people studying with you.
So you can learn some Spanish in the morning and go to the beach or enjoy the cultural life og Malaga in the evening. Malaga is a really good place for this.


wo Things to Know when Traveling to Malaga, Spain


When visiting Malaga, practical information will ease your travels in this exciting location in Alusia, Spain. Malaga is a popular tourist destination since it lies on the coast of Costa del Sol which faces the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar. When traveling to Malaga, you'll first need to understand Malaga's entry and visa requirements.

Visa Requirements

Not all visitors who enter Malaga are required to get visas. Nationals from other EU countries like Norway, Switzerland and Iceland to name a few are not required to have a visa to enter Malaga. A passport and a valid ID will sufice to show to the customs officials. Other nationalities that are not required to get a Visa include Koreans, Australians, Japanese, Canadians, Singaporeans and other progressive Asian and North American countries.  Nationalities not mentioned are required to have a visa regardless of the length of stay.

Currency Used in Malaga

Malaga is located in Spain and this country is a member of the European Union (EU). For this reason, the currency used in Malaga is the Euro, thus making it convenient for you to shop here if you have arrived from another EU member countries. A Euro is approximately equal to $1.25 and you can exchange your money from the many money changers present in hotels. But for your convenience, most ATM machines in Malaga readily converts your dollar to Euro since most ATM machines are compatible with Cirrus or Plus system.

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Spanish school AIFP

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Most of the schools in Malaga are a little bit outside the town in the suburb Pedregalejo, but there are also some in the historical centre, for example AIFP school. They arrange accommodation and you can meet Spanish people.

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