Hotels in Malaga

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Finding Malaga Hotels is not very difficult, but it is something that you are going to want to thoroughly research. Every hotel has something different to offer. You can find accommodations ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels and unless you know about the hotel, you can end up paying more than you wanted to.

Hotel Sur

This hotel is located in the middle of Malaga, which makes it easy to get to any attractions you wish to visit. The bus from the airport stops right by the hotel and the main tourist office is located at the end of the road the hotel is on. Hotel Sur offers free Wi-Fi for its registered guests. Rooms average $66 a night.

Room Mate Lola

One of the most outstanding features that this hotel has to offer is serving breakfast until 12 noon. Many guests enjoy this feature because Malaga has a very active nightlife, which means many tourists spend time sleeping in. The hotel is also located within walking distance of the central bus station; it takes about 10 minutes to reach the station on foot. Rooms start around $140 a night.

Barcelo Malaga

This hotel is located right next to the high-speed train, which makes getting around town simple. Another added bonus that the hotel has to offer is its own private entrance into the commercial center. After eating in the dining hall you can take a slide down to the reception center to start your day of sightseeing. You can also walk to the center of Malaga from the hotel in about 15 minutes. Rooms average $148 a night.

Molina Lario

If you are in town during Holy Week, this hotel is a great place to stay because it is located within walking distance of the various processions, and a few even pass directly in front of the hotel. It also has a beautiful roof terrace that comes complete with a view and a pool. The hotel is located right in the center of Malaga, so you're surrounded by many things to do. Rooms average $227 a night.

Ibis Malaga Centro Ciudad

One perk that this hotel has to offer is that it is located within a 15-minute walk of the main train station. However, even better is to reach all of the attractions that Malaga has to offer, all you have to do is walk over the bridge that is outside of the hotel. The bridge allows you to cross over into the old city of Malaga. Rooms average $74 a night.

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