Cruises in Malaga

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Malaga Cruises help to discover the natural splendor of Malaga City—often referred to as the "Capital of Costa Sol." Once regarded as a budgeted vacationing locale in Andalusia, Malaga is now widely regarded among the more preferred of Spain’s tourist locations. People planning to visit Malaga are recommended to consider the following options among Malaga Cruises:

Malaga Cruise to Tenerife

This is among the most popular cruising options, wherein visitors can explore the exotic landscape of Tenerife, located along the Canary Islands. Sights here include the Spanish pyramids. These are a slightly smaller and somewhat different version of the Egyptian pyramids, and their origins are still being explored. Rather than taking a flight to Tenerife, visitors are advised to cover the short journey in any of the small cruise liners. The cruising allows a great view of the city of Santa Cruz. Most of the cruise-planners include scheduled stops at the Pyramid Park. The longer cruises include stopping at the Orotava Valley and the colonial landscape of Puerto de Cruz. Most of cruises to Tenerife are one day long, and visitors can expect to be back at Malaga during the early evening.

Malaga Cruise to Madeira

Many of Portugal's historic cities are immediate neighbors to the Malaga coast. The easiest way to explore them is to undertake the early morning cruise to the Funchal port. Located in Madeira, Portugal, this port exudes the typical colonial extravagance. Visitors can spend some time observing the architecture of the buildings and even the embellished street paving. Other stops in this cruise include various points along the outer edge of the Madeira Island. Most cruise liners allow visitors to visit the smaller villages here, like the Camara de Lobos fishing village. An integral part of this cruise is visiting the Cabo Girao—the world’s second-highest sea cliff.

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