Top 5 Must Do's in Granada

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Granada is a beautiful old city with a rich history steeped in both Spanish and Moorish traditions. Wandering the cobbled streets is a wonderful and relaxing way to spend your time in the city, and here are five spots to visit on your way.

The Albaicin

The old Moorish quarter of Granada is a splendid place to roam around, admire the architecture and have a drink or two. The World Heritage Site offers a lot of charm and plenty of buildings to photograph. Be sure to stop at the Mirador for an amazing view of the Alhambra. From here you can get the entire complex into one stunning photo with the Sierra Nevada behind. The view at sunset and night is fabulous, but be sure to take a taxi back down or walk with a big group in order to avoid pick pockets.

The Alhambra

This home of the Nasrid Sultans from 1238 to 1492 A.D. is an amazing place both inside and out. The complex consists of the fortress, palaces, gardens and town. To enter the palace you must purchase a ticket that names an exact time of entry. Each room seems more glorious than the last, and all are rich with carvings and artwork. Throughout the palace there are open courtyards, fountains and gardens. Give yourself at least three hours to see everything that you want.

The Sacromonte

For something distinctly Spanish, stop in at the Sacromonte caves. The interpretation center explains how the caves are used as homes, a common occurrence in southern Spain. Many of these caves have been converted into little bars where flamenco shows can be seen. The Gitana La Rocio offers a fabulous show that even includes the lit Alhambra in the background.

La Cartuja

This monastery is a masterpiece in architecture. The building is absolutely beautiful and stands in a serene courtyard that makes it seem disconnected from the busy streets of Granada. Tour the church to see the alabaster and marble decorations and stop in at the nuns' shop to buy one of their handmade rosaries constructed out of rose petals.

Arabian Baths

For a relaxing experience take a dip in the pools at the Aljibe de San Miguel. This Arabian bathhouse contains seven pools that range in temperature from cold to extremely hot. The water is scented, and you can skip from one pool to another. You can also schedule yourself a massage, and don't forget to drink plenty of Moroccan mint tea to keep you hydrated.

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