Internet Cafes in Granada

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There's an excellent Internet Cafe located on easy-to-find Camino de Ronda (south end). The new computers there are equipped with CD, DVD, and CD-R drives with USB ports, fast Internet, Windows XP, webcams, headphones, microphones, and other great things. There are also four international phone booths. The staff there speaks Spanish as well as English and does not mind to let random visitors use their very nice restrooms located on the right side of the building. Visiters can also purchase CD-Rs and other computer equipment for low fees. The price is also very afforable.

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Uninet Internet

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Right in front of the Faculty of Law. 20 computers, free coffee and only 0,60 cents per half hour. The employees speak English, and toilettes available to anyone (not random, like the internet cafe in Camino de Ronda!). They are really friendly and it is only 2 minutes from the Cathedral.

type:Internet Cafe
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accessibility:Right in the center, check
tel:+34 958208382
address:Plaza de la Encarnación 2
price:0,60€ per half hour
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