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As the Christian Reconquista advanced, the Moors enclosed the city of Granada in layer upon layer of fortification. The citadel was bitterly contested until 1492 when Boabdil, its last Moorish king, lost the city to the Catholic rulers Fernando and Isabel. Most buildings of that era were destroyed, but the spectacular Alhambra still attracts visitors from all over the world. It is one of the most important monuments in Spain and a UNESCO national heritage site, along with the Albayzin quarter, in the hill just opposite it. The beautiful whitewashed houses and the colourful flowers in the courtyards and on balconies are some of the things worth looking out for, as are the many sights of historic interest. Granada has a very lively flair thanks to the approx. 60.000 students of the local university.

The city is quite near (some 120 km) the beach (but I wouldn't try to go there during summer weekends) and during winter you can ski in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which is 30 kms. away (and uphill)

Among the modern attractions, El Parque de las Ciencias, a science interactive museum, is worth visiting. And, at least one day, you should try going to the Zaidin quarter, around the soccer stadium, or to the Chana, for beers and tapas. For 5€, you'll drink 4 beers along with four tapas. BTW, ask for the excellent Alhambra 1925 or Mezquita beers (that will set you back a bit more than 1 €, though).


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