Cadiz Travel Guide

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Plaza cerca de catedral

Plaza cerca de catedral


On the southern tip of Spain the port city of Cadiz (pronounced CA-deeth) has been active since the days of the Roman Empire when its dancers were famous throughout the Mediterranean region. It is one of the oldest settlements in Spain, founded in around 1100 BC. Its most prosperous era was in the 18th century and inner Cadiz, built on a peninsula, displays the beautiful architecture of this period.

This area has a fascinating atmosphere about it with its narrow alleyways, back streets, open squares and spectacular churches - all close to the immense blue waters of the Cadiz Bay. The town itself is relaxed and not at all intimidating, like some port towns can be. Cadiz also boasts the liveliest Carnival celebration in Spain (with the possible exception of Tenerife in the Canary Islands). Today the city (pop. 154 000) is also a departure point for ferry boats to the Canary Islands.

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