Aracena Travel Guide

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The Mezquita [distant] above Almonaster la Real

The Mezquita [distant] above Almonaster la Real

David Cross

Aracena is the highest town in the Sierra Morena, to be found in the western ridges which border with Portugal. This extension of the mountain range is called the Sierra de Aracena.  It’s a very pleasant and busy little town meandering up a hill protected by the remains of a Moorish castle and a church built by the Knights Templar. The church is worth a visit, but the most impressive sight is the cave, Gruta de las Maravillas, the largest cave in Spain. There are guided tours once a group of 12 has been assembled.

The area offers many pleasant walks along the old mule trails which link the small white-washed villages. The cuisine of the area is based on ham, fresh mushrooms and asparagus (when they are available). Try one of the restaurants near the cave for a delicious, hearty lunch!

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