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Torcal sculptures!

Torcal sculptures!


Antequera is near where the main road from Málaga to Granada leaves the Sevilla road after you have come right up the mountains from Málaga. Its bus links with Málaga are excellent and it may serve as an alternative first or last night if you are using Málaga airport.  Antequera hosts a variety of different restaurants and tapas bars and is good for shopping.  There is a new shopping centre located at the edge of the city.

It is a very pleasant city, where people don't seem to have had their friendliness extinguished by over-exposure to speakers of English. The old castle at the top of the town provides great views of mountains on one side and olive-covered hills on the other.

However it has two particular claims to fame. The first consists of three fine prehistoric dolmens barely outside the town itself. The second merits a taxi up and walk down if you have no car. This is the Torcal de Antequera, a mountain top covered with huge and wonderfully shaped limestone, formed millions of years ago when the whole area was underwater. The visitors´centre has been knocked down and is in the process of being rebuilt so take a snack and drink with you!!  There are 3 excellent routes marked by different coloured paint on the rocks. There is plenty of time to do the red and the yellow and walk down in daylight to the town, stopping for some ice cold vino on the way.

For animal lovers, families or people who just want to howl and run with the wolves, a visit to the Antequera Lobo Park (Wolf Park) is a must.  This is a unique experience, with four large enclosures of Iberian wolves, European wolves, Timber wolves and the very rare white Alaska - Tundra Polar wolf.

The Park covers an area of 40 hectares, and is protected with many rare plants and animal species.  There are noble Andalucian horses available for riding, and also a petting zoo with different animals, for children.


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