Algeciras Travel Guide

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Algeciras is the largest city in the province of Cadiz.  Known as a safe landing site for Roman ships in need of fresh water it was often a scheduled moorage before venturing west into the Atlantic.  The name itself has an Arabic language origin meaning 'green island'. 

Now having arrived in the 21st century, Algeciras continues to be challenged with a growing population expansion as the merchant port has developed into the second busiest container port in Europe.  Often maligned by travel 'experts' as a genuine tourist destination, or even a safe place to step out from one's car, today's visitor is just now beginning to appreciate the treasures and lifestyle that the locals have enjoyed for generations . . . the Plaza Alta . . . the beaches of Rinconcillo, Chorrillo, and Getares . . . and the views of Africa across the strait, Gibraltar across the bay, and the occasional distant snow covered mountain tops towards Ronda.
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