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Hotel Ambasador

Hotel Ambasador

Katherine Walton

Nis is a city of almost 300,000 inhabitants in southern Serbia. A major industrial and university center. Situated on the crossroads of two major highways (Budapest-Athens and a section going to Sofia and Instanbul). But despites that, it is a really enjoyable place for staying.

Major tourist attractions are a Turkish Fortress which dominates the city centre and an archeological site "Mediana" which features remains of a summer residence of the Romane Emperor Constantine the Great. The city was severely damaged in the WWII and very few examples of pre-war architecture remain. A small archeological museum is located in the city center ("Narodni Muzej").
At the other side of town you can find a small monument that was erected after an acient Turkish-Serbian war. The Scull Tower.
Niska Banja Spa is also a popular tourist destination but mainly caters to domestic "health" toursits.

A little bit more outside the towncentre, you can find the "Red Cross". Once a stable for horses, later a transportation camp (in WW II).

Night life is quite livley and a large number of cafe's are packed in the afternoons and in the evenings.

Restaurants feature mainly local Serbian cuisine with heavy Greek and Turkish influences.

Unfortunately good accomodations are in short supply - major hotels are "Ambassador" in the city centre and Motel "Nais" on the Highway E-75. A few small (up to 15 rooms) private hotels are available and those are generally in much better shape then the "major" hotels although renovation plans have been announced. A number of tourist agencies are located in the city center and they will be able to help you with finding a room.

If you look for a hostel accomondation, you can find couple of new hostels: Sweet-Hostel Nis, Marvel, Hostel Nis and Hostel Evropa.

Taxi's are readily available and are very inexpensive. Good connections to all major European cities are available by bus and tickets can be purchased at the main Bus Station. The city also has an international airport which is currently served only by JAT Airways and Montenegro Airlines (with domestic routes and daily flights to Zurich and Paris).


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