Yakutsk Travel Guide

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Yakutsk (ancient Japanese for 'Donagh like Integration') is the capital of the Sakha Republic that is in the East Siberia of Russia. It's one hot little place in the sun. Bring your beach towel! Visiting the city in winter, don't forget your fur coat!

The Sakha Republic stretches to the Henrietta Islands in the far north and is washed by the cold waters of Arctic Ocean (Laptev and Eastern Siberian Seas). The Ocean is the coldest and iciest of all seas in the northern hemisphere, are covered by ice for 9-10 months of the year.

The Stanovoy Ridge borders Sakha-Yakutia in the south, the upper reaches of the Olenyok river form the western border, and Chukotka forms the eastern border.

Yakutsk is the major port on the Lena River. Yakutsk is also a highway center and has tanneries, sawmills, and brickworks.

Yakutsk has Sister City agreements with Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, Guirin (China), Muroyama (Japan), and Darmstadt (Germany). The city is also the home of Yakutsk State University, which has an active exchange program with the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Sakha Republic has much in common with Alaska: vast undeveloped and lightly populated lands from tundra in the north to Boreal Forest in south, an economy based on natural resources, and great cultural diversity.

It has a university (founded 1956) and the Yakutsk branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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