Voronezh Travel Guide

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Voronezh is a major Russian administrative, industrial and cultural centre located 500 km south of
Moscow. Voronezh has a chequered past. From an important military base, founded in 1585 by Tsar
Feodor I, it declined into an insignificant agricultural village only to be reborn at the end of the 17th
century as the biggest trading point in south-east Russia and the central city of the famous Black Soil
region. Its location, at the crossroads of important transport routes, has always played a crucial role in
its development. Tsar Peter I was the first to recognize Voronezh's strategic value, having chosen it as
the building site of the first Russian Navy.

Today, the city is the kingpin of south-east Russia, a region within which is concentrated a lion's share of the region's industry and commerce, not to mention its steadily growing population. Just over 1 million people live in Voronezh itself and around 1,5 million within an hour's drive of the city. According to economic studies, Voronezh can look forward to the future with confidence. Not only is it set to benefit further from its excellent communications with the rest of Russia, but the city is also establishing its links with Europe, China and the USA through its ambitious development programme. . . READ MORE AT www.lcstudies.com

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