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Guards of the Monument

Guards of the Monument

David Malin

Volgograd was originally named Tsaritsin, then in 1925 the name was changed to Stalingrad.  Stalin died in 1953, but it took another 12 years for the name to be finally changed to Volgograd in 1965 by Khruschev.  The city is located on the river Volga. In the summer it can be more than 30°C and in winter the temperature can become very cold (minus 20°C or more).

Outside the city you can find a typical nearly desert nature. Also the battle fields of World War II are located around here. The city itself is not very nice but has a few interesting spots. The monument on the hill, the promenade at the river also with its Powerplant. I guess it will be very difficult to find people to speak to if you can not speak russian. But if so it can be interesting to find out more about the history of the city.

Volgograd, still referred to by war historians as Stalingrad, was the site of THE bloodiest battle in the history of the world.  During the struggle the city was reduced to rubble and was the setting for a struggle between the might of the German and Soviet war machines.  Because of this there are many fascinating memorials and museums to visit. The city is rich with culture and history, and offers a wonderful experience of Russian life.

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