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Located in the East of Europe, Vladivostok, with the population of 594'700 is the largest Russian city on the Pacific Ocean. The home port of the Russian Pacific Fleet, the city was founded in 1859 by Count Nikolay Myravyov-Amursky (for more details see History section).

Once created as a citadel against enemies' invasion, Vladivostok stood guard for many years. The city covers over 600 sq. km and lies on the shore of the Pacific Ocean at the Muraviyov-Amursky Peninsula, which is about 30 km long and approximately 12 km wide.

The city has magnificent old and new buldings,monuments and a lot of other sights to wander around.

Other facts:

”The highest point is the Orlinoye Gnezdo Mountain (Eagle's Nest). The height of the Mountain is 214 m

” The mean annual temperature is +5 C, the temperature in January is -14 C, the temperature in August is +24 C The annual precipitation is 765 mm

” Railroad distance to Moscow is 9302 km

” Direct distance to Moscow is 9302 km.

” Direct distance to Bangkok is 5600 km, to San_Francisco - 8400 km, to Seoul - 750 km, to Tokyo - 1050 km.

” Vladivostok is a sister-city of San-Diego and Tacoma (USA), Niiagata, Akita and Hakodate (Japan), Pusan (Korea) and Palyan (China).


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