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Chelyabinsk (Russian: Челябинск)

The Chelyabinsk fortress was build in 1736. In 10 years the fortress has become the center of Ysset province. Many years have passed since then, the borders of the region have been changing, but Chelyabinsk was and stays the administrative center of South Ural.

Today Chelyabinsk is big industrial center of Russia, the millionth population city one of the biggest ten cities in Russia. The industrial power of city unfortunately has made a stereotype of gray smoked factory megapolis.

However if you decide to visit this city you'll be pleasantly surprised by its architectural variety, huge avenues and squares, original fountains and sculpture compositions. You'll find here 5 state and 4 municipal theatres, Philharmonic Society, circus, art gallery, many interesting museums. City's musical point of interest is an organ consisting of 2504 pipes. It was build by the firm «Herr Mann Eule» from ancient German city Bautzen, Organ music festivals have become a new tradition in cultural life of the city.



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