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Ulyanovsk is the center of the Ulyanovsk Region that is located in the central part of European Russia. The region is a part of the Middle Volga Valley.

” It occupies a territory of 37,000 sq. km.

” The population is 1,488,300 people.

” The Ulyanovsk Region has 21 administrative areas (rayons) and 6 cities.

The administrative center Ulyanovsk has a population of around 700,000 residents. It is located 441 miles east of Moscow.

Besides Ulyanovsk the other large city of the Ulyanovsk region is Dimitrovgrad (134,000 inhabitants).

Approximately 73 percent of Ulyanovsk residents are Russians,

11.4 percent are Tatars,

8.3 percent are Chuvash, and

4.4 percent are Mordva.

The prevalent religions are Orthodox Christianity lam.

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