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accommodation in Tyumen

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Russian hotels have a style all their own. The rooms are often, but not exclusively, in a dated but clean soviet style. Beds are usually on the firm side and the hospitality can seem slightly cold compared to other countries. That being said, staying in a locally owned Russian hotel will give you insight into this massive and curious country. There are plenty of hotels to choose from here but you might have a bit of difficulty reading the names. If you make a reservation online be sure to print out the name and address of your hotel. You may need to install Russian scripts on your computer to do this.

Hotel Filton

It is not the Hilton, but the Hotel Filton in Tyumen. This hotel was renovated in 2008 and is medium sized with 37 rooms on 4 floors. The Hotel Filton is conveniently located if you have a car. It is only 50 meters from the Tyumen railroad station and a 5 minute drive to the Tyumen circus, the historic downtown area and restaurants. There are suites and regular rooms here, as well as a bar, pool and sauna.

Vostok Hotel

If you want to stay in a building that resembles a giant college dorm in the center of the city the Vostok Hotel is a good bet. There are 600 beds in this hotel, so it is big enough to accommodate any conference or tour group. Located in the center of Tyumen you can conveniently access the cities sights, shops and restaurants. There are single, double and triple rooms.

Prometey Hotel

For the convenience of nightlife without leaving your hotel go to the Prometey Hotel. This Tyumen hotel has a disco, bar, casino and a night club in the hotel. They also have a beauty salon, a solarium and massage services. This hotel was last renovated in 2005 and they have single, double and suite rooms. There is a minimum stay of 3 nights.

President Hotel

When you are looking for a mini-hotel that is not so massive, go to the President Hotel. Renovated in 2004, this Tyumen hotel only has 13 rooms and takes all major credit cards. Located in the center of Tyumen you can conveniently get to everywhere you need to go from here. The President Hotel has single, double, semi-suite and suite rooms available for your stay. These rooms are equipped with a mini-fridge, Television with cable, a telephone and dry cleaning services. There is bowling and a night club nearby.

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