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The resort Anapa is located in the northern part of the Black Sea coast of Russia. It is situated in a beautiful place where the steppe comes to the end and moun­tains begin.

Sandy beaches of Anapa are the best beaches of all northern Black Sea cost. In some places the width of the beach stretches for 600 meters.

Anapa is a balneological resort. Various kinds of local mineral waters and medical mud are used here. The city has the airport.

Anapa is considered the best Russian resort for children's and family leisure.

Having said that, for a few years now Anapa is a choice of young couples. A fantastic nightlife entertainment, scuba diving in WWII wrecks and large cargo ship, sea fishing, picking rapans and seafood and cook it right there on the beach, taking a ferry along the seacost down to Sochi and back, hiking in the mountains and of course not to forget the best spar treatment you will ever have. All that and a lot more attracts a new type of holiday makers.

The ancient Gorgippiya (Anapa) was found by the greeks and you will certainly see a lot of Greek influence in the local culture over there. It would feel like you are in the Medetterenian with a slight difference and addition to it.

Enjoy it.


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