Pskov Travel Guide

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Pskov is an ancient Russian city, situated almost on the border with Latvija and Estonia, on the shores of the river Velikaya. It was founded in IX century and soon become a center of a big medieval feudal republic. It was a city of merchants and because of its agressive neighbours - Teutonic Order, Litva and Poland - it needed a good fortifications. Thus Pskov was one of the strongest fortresses in medieval Europe, it was besieged 42 times, only 2 times stormed succesfully.

Now this city have a lot of tourists attractions, such as Krom - medieval fortress, well preserved, situated in the center of the city, several towers in different parts of the city, on of them, Pokrovskaya Tower, 40 meters high aand extremely broad, was once a biggest sinle fortification building in Northern Europe. Also there's a big cathedral in the Krom, great iconostasis (row of icons) inside it, almost 40 meters high and 20 meters wide, with a lot of jilted wood. Also there's more than 40 ancient churches in the city, most of them built earlier then XVI century.

Outside the city there's an ancient fortress of Izborsk, also worth to see it, and Pskov-Pechorian Lavra (monastery), one of the biggest and most beautiful monasteries in Russia.

Pskov could be reached by the road from St-Petersburg (320 km), from Latvijan border(50 km), or by railroad from any of the big cities nearby, in Russia and in Baltic states.

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