When to Go in Moscow

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Moscow is a city of real temperature extremes--with summers that can be baking hot and winters that are bitingly cold. Head here in the months of December, January and February and you´ll soon see why Russians are so fond of a nip or 20 of vodka.

Frosty Midwinter

Travelers deciding to the brave the icy temperatures of a Moscow winter, must be well prepared. Budget travelers should make sure their accommodations have heating and hot water and all travelers should plan their winter wardrobe with care. Temperature highs in January rarely go above minus 5 degrees C and can often be considerably colder. Warm hats, gloves, socks and boots are absolutely vital for winter travel to Moscow. Layering is key to being comfortable because shops, museums and galleries are heated. Visitors who are well-prepared will find that the winter months can actually be the best time to see Moscow. Scenery is spectacular--with the dramatic onion-domed architecture coated with snow and ice, and a variety of winter festivals that add a little warmth to freezing days and nights. December Nights, a series of classical music performances by Russia´s most acclaimed musicians, is another major winter draw. For travelers looking for a white Christmas, there´s a very high chance of finding it in Moscow!

Summer Sun

When Moscow heats up, it really heats up. July and August are the hottest months in the city, when temperatures hover around the mid 20s C but can often soar into the mid 30s. Hot, sticky days are often followed by belting thunderstorms, so bring the umbrella as well as sun screen. July and August are also the prime months for tourism in Moscow, so expect longer lines and higher prices than at other times of the year. It´s wise to book accommodation well in advance if you´re planning to come to Moscow during the summer and to bring clothing to suit all types of weather. If the sun does shine, make the most of it and see the sights on foot before a storm comes along to spoil the fun.

Best Time for Bargains

Head to Moscow during spring and fall and you can find some good deals on flights and accommodations. Happily for those who are not fond of temperature extremes, the autumn and spring are both pleasant times to visit Moscow--with mild temperatures and fewer crowds. There is typically less rain in September, October, April and May than during the summer months, and there is considerably less snow and ice than in the winter months! With the famous ballet and circus hailing from the city it´s no surprise that there is an excellent year-round program of arts in the city, so visitors have plenty to do to keep occupied whatever time of year they visit. Visitors in Moscow during the first weekend of September, will enjoy watching parades, parties and traditional dancing in Red Square.

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