Getting Around in Moscow

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A very developed net of public transportation will help you to get around Moscow. Of course, depending on your taste you can either use public transportation, private taxi or rent a car.

From The Airport to Moscow Centre

Taxi: Around $50-$75  

From The Airport to Nearest Metro Station

See in Getting There section for each of three airports.


Cheap and reliable. Same price any journey. See more.

City Buses & Trolley Buses

Cheap, buy ticket from machine before ride. See more.

Private Buses

Very good, pay the driver/assistant  


A rip off avoid them. Do what the locals do, put your arm out and negotiate a fare with any passing car.

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Metro (underground) is one of the most popular modes of transportation in Moscow. It is inexpensive and usually quickest and most reliable way to go from one point to another. I recommend you to use Metro as often as possible and to use other modes of transportation only to go from the nearest metro station to your destination.

Even if you are not going to use Metro as mode of transportation you should go down to look around. Some stations are really beautiful. My personal favorites are Komsomolskaya (Circular line), more..

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City Buses & Trolley Buses & Trams

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City Buses & Trolley Buses & Trams (or over-ground transportation, as opposite to the under-ground, or Metro) is inexpensive mode of transportation in Moscow.

Tickets and prices are the same for bus, trolley or tram. The single fare is 13 roubles when you buy a ticket from a ticket booth or a newsstand by the stop and 15 roubles if you buy ticket from the driver.

You have to enter bus/trolley/tram through the front door where you have to buy ticket from driver if necessary and then to run your more..

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