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State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve is located 120 km west of Moscow. It was founded in 1839 at the site of the great Battle of Borodino and it’s the world’s oldest museum established on a battlefield.

The main historical element of the museum is the Borodino fields, where the Russian army led by Kutuzov and the French army led by Napoleon fought on the 7th of September 1812.

From October 12 to October 18, 1941, this was the firing line of Mozhaisk defense, where Soviet soldiers countered the Nazi army’s assault on Moscow.  These events turn Borodino battlefield into a revered monument of two Patriotic Wars – Russia’s Glory Memorial.

Going to Borodino be prepared to walk a lot even if you go by car.

How to go

By local train from Moscow from Belorusskiy Vokzal (Beloruss Train Station) to Borodino station. Go to a small square behind the station building. From the square go left, then right, along the road. After about half an hour you'll come to the building of museum.

When to go

Go when the weather is fine otherwise you'll be unable to see much because it is an open air museum and many sites are connected with foot passes that become muddy after rain.
Special dates
First Sunday of September
is the day when great reenactment of the Battle of Borodino takes place. Hungreds of people come here from many countries to take part in this event. Much more people come just to see it.
Last Sunday of May is the day of one more reenactment, with less people around but very interesting nevertheless.

What to see

The permanent museum exposition depicts the course of the Battle of Borodino in details, displaying the original Russian and French uniforms and weapons, portraits of generals and battle paintings, documents of the battle and personal belongings of the participants of the event, such as Kutusov's field carriage, the tunic of Tzar Alexander I and Napoleon's camp-bed. The scaled electrified model of the Borodino battlefield ground with disposed opposing troops on it is one of the impressive exhibits. The outdoor display offers the guns of Napoleon's army captured by Russian troops. Other 5 museum exhibitions are displayed in the buildings of the Borodino Savior Convent. Two of them depict the course of the War 1812 in objects of decorative and applied art and toy soldiers. Special displays are devoted to Leo Tolstoy and his famous novel «War and Peace» and the events of the Moscow Battle in the area of the Borodino battlefield in l941-1942.

The official website of the State Military and History Musem-reserve Borodino Battlefield

Borodino fields
The main historical element of the museum is the Borodino fields. The historic landscape of the Borodino battlefield is similar to that of the year 1812. Here you can see about 200 monuments, fortification sites and historic buildings of the XVII–XX centuries
- the Main Monument (1839) commemorating all Russian warriors on the Rayevsky battery site (opposite to the Museum)
- the unique ensemble of the Borodino Savior Convent (1820-1870), now — the nunnery and museum (you'll see it to the left when going from the station to the Museum)
- graves of general Bagration and general Neverovsky
- monuments marking command posts used by Kutuzov (1912) and Napoleon (1913);
- 34 monuments commemorating different Russian regiments (1911-1912); And one monument commemorating all french soldiers, officer and generals
- defensive works of World War II - pillboxes, communication trenches, antitank ditches, common graves with monuments to the soviet soldiers (1941-1942);


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