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River in Arkhangelskoye, Moscow

River in Arkhangelskoye, Moscow

Svetlana Tikhonova

Usually Day Trip means "go in the morning - come back in the evening". It is not so in Moscow. You may go in the evening (or in the night), sleep quite comfortable aboard a train, spend day in other city some hundreds kilometers from Moscow and come back in the morning after sleeping one more night aboard train.

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This old Russian town located in about 500 km to the north of Moscow well worth visiting. In fact you could spend in this region much more than one day. But even one day here is better then nothing.

Best time to go

June-Jyly when nights are short (or nonexistent).
Winter - to see real "Russian winter".

Train from Moscow

There are many trains from Moscow going via Vologda but the best choice would be
#234 Moscow - Arkhangelsk (via Vologda), (not every day so see timetable) more..

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River in Arkhangelskoye, Moscow
River in Arkhangelskoye, Moscow
photo by: Svetlana Tikhonova

Arkhangelskoye (Архангельское) is one of the great estates that were built by Russian aristocracy in the 17-th - 18-th centuries.

Situated 20 km west of Moscow it is very nice place to spend some hours. The best time to visit is summer.

What to see.

Yusupov Palace, which is set back from the Moscow River in an overgrown grove.  (Don't confuse it with Stalin-era Military Convalescent Home overlooking the river). The palace was originally built in the 1670s but it was rebuilt in more..

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You may go to Kazan from Moscow for a day if you are ready to sleep two nights aboard a train.

There are some trains going from Moscow (Kazan Railway station/Kazansky Vokzal) to Kazan. The best choise would be

#002 Moscow - Kazan, (going every day) departure 19:20, arrival 07:25 (next day).
#036М Moscow - Barnaul (via Kazan), (going every odd day) departure 20:16, arrival 09:12 (next day).
#050М Moscow - Kazan, (going every day) departure 20:50, arrival more..

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State Borodino War and History Museum and Reserve is located 120 km west of Moscow. It was founded in 1839 at the site of the great Battle of Borodino and it’s the world’s oldest museum established on a battlefield.

The main historical element of the museum is the Borodino fields, where the Russian army led by Kutuzov and the French army led by Napoleon fought on the 7th of September 1812.

From October 12 to October 18, 1941, this was the firing line of Mozhaisk defense, where Soviet soldiers countered the Nazi army’s assault on Moscow.  These more..

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Vladimir is very nice one day trip from Moscow.

How to go

You may go by local train from Kurskiy Vokzal (Kursk Railway station) to Vladimir. The historical part of Vladimir is above the train station so just go up and turn left (in the direction of Moscow) along the main street.

It is much more comfortable to go by bus. Buses to Vladimir run from the stop on the square before the Kursk Railway Station (Right side of the square if you face the Station). Buses run every half an hour and more..

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