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Krasnoyarsk region is the center of Siberia. Its territory occu­pies one seventh of Russia and can find room for 4 territories equal to Spain, 5 equal to Thailand or 52 to Estonias. Krasnoyarsk region is stretching for three thousand kilometers from the north to the south and crosses four climatic zones - from polar islands of the Arctic Ocean up to the subtropics of the Sayan mountains. In the southernmost city of the region Minusinsk the weather is well-suitable for water-melons grow­ing, but in the northernmost city Norilsk, the winter temperature sometimes reaches -50 centigrade degree. The great Siberian river Yenisey flows through the territory of Krasnoyarsk. It is con­sidered to be the most abounding in water river in Russia.

The capital of the region, Krasnoyarsk, is one of the largest cities of Siberia and Russia. It is located on the Trans-Siberian Railway. An architectural symbol of the city is the Chapel of Paraskeva Pjatnitsa towering on Karaulnaya mountain.

There is a unique nat­ural reserve Stolby in several kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. The nature itself has created this marvelous cosy nook and decorated it with tens of natural granite sculptures. Some of them have absolutely fantastic shapes.

It is worth visiting the settlement Shushenskoe in the south of Krasnoyarsk region. Local ethno­graphic museum displays in details the wooden architecture and way of the Siberian peasants life of the past centuries.


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