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Mountains around Nalechevo Park, Kamchatka

Mountains around Nalechevo Park, Kamchatka

Val Buzeta

Kamchatka is a volcanic peninsula towards the extreme far east of Russia. In the same time zone as New Zealand, it relies on trade with far eastern countries such as Korea rather than Russia itself.

Kamchatka, as part of the "ring of fire", has upto 68 active volcanoes and one of the few areas of geysers in the world. A recent landslide (June 3 2007) was believed to have destroyed the Valley of the Geysers but so far evidence seems to have shown that the damage may not be so severe.

Along with the volcanoes and geysers, Kamchatka features a unique wildlife thanks to it's climate and has particularly interesting sea-life. Nearby islands provide the chance to see sea-lions, puffins and more. Likewise, the local breed of bear is unique to the peninsula and is numerous accross the area.

The indigenous people of Kamchatka are more closely related to the Ainu of Japan. As a result, visiting cultural festivals and towns such as Esso can be worth including in a tour of the area and are often part of tour packages.

The majority of the inhabitants live in and around the capital Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky and nearby Yelizovo. Travel away from these towns can often force reliance on 4x4s, boats and even helicopters. Some areas are only accessable via helicopter and so careful advance organisation is recomended.

For wintersports, such as heliskiing, the whole of winter (upto April, or even May) is a good time to visit. For hiking and outdoor persuits, August and September provide the chance to see Kamchatka at it's best.


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