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Take a Day Trip to Petrodvorets

Visiting Petrodvorets is an excellent choice for a St. Petersburg day trip. Petrodvorets is a small town located on the southern shores of the Finland Gulf, just 29 kilometers east of St. Petersburg. The town is easily accessible by road, but for a more exciting trip you can also take a hydrofoil from St. Petersburg and travel by water.

The Summer Palace

The main sight of Petrodvorets is the Summer Palace of King Peter the Great. It is actually a whole complex, consisting of vast gardens, a Grand Palace and several other buildings, including multiple palaces and an old chapel. There are admission prices to enter the buildings. The gardens are divided in 2 parts: Upper Garden and Lower Garden. Access to the Upper Garden is free, but you will need to buy a ticket to enter the Lower Garden. Both gardens are covered with lovely 100-year-old trees and decorated with beautiful statues, fountains and flower-beds. The Grand Palace itself is an impressive 30-room building with fascinating French-styled interior.

The Petrodvorets Watch Factory

You can stop by at the famous Petrodvorets Watch Factory. It was built by Peter the Great back in 1721 but functioned as a precious stone factory until the Second World War, when it started producing watches. Today the factory produces the famous Russian brand Raketa, which is said to be the best Russian watches. This is an excellent opportunity to buy some watches directly from the factory.

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Taking a trip with Moscow Greeter

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“Moscow Greeter” is the first Russian tourism project to provide free non-conventional tours of Moscow to foreign visitors. This service can be used free of charge only once per stay in the Russian capital. Instead of specially trained guides, it’s the inhabitants of the Russian capital themselves (usually foreign language students, or retired teachers and professors) who operate the walking tours of the “other” Moscow’s lanes and alleys. They show guests their personal Moscow, the one they know and love… the one that no guide book, even the most detailed, can more..

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