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Until recently, hostels were the domain of university students backpacking across Europe. Amenities were stripped down and so were prices. Hostels offered only the bare minimum: a bed to crash on at the end of the day and a bathroom to clean up in. However, this has changed dramatically during the last 10 years – hostels have now become a trendy spot to vacation and the demographic has shifted. More and more people are choosing to travel as they age, and these people are willingly trying out hostels. More and more, at HM Hostel-Moscow, we are seeing individuals, couples and families from their 30s to 50s as our guests. We understand that this clientele is looking for different touches and added amenities that may not be as important to the younger crowd. But, still our focus at HM Hostel-Moscow is sharing Russian warmth and hospitality with all of our guests (across the entire age spectrum). We want our guests to arrive as treasured guests and to leave feeling that they are cherished members of HM Hostel-Moscow’s growing international family. Once these hostel newcomers see the amenities and opportunities on offer at a modern hostel, they come back for more. And many of these travellers comment on the fact that the friendly vibe of hostels positively sets them apart from hotels and more traditional accommodations. And HM Hostel-Moscow is regularly recognised for this positive energy. Given these positive industry changes, we understand that we need to change and mature as the market continues to grow — all while retaining our sense of being a friendly and warm home-away-from-home for our diverse guests. As we transform ourselves to meet our clients’ growing expectations, we also remain fundamentally focused on our prices! In a city that is desperately short on hotel space, hotel rooms in Moscow can easily run well upwards of $500 per night. We recognise that this is not realistic for the majority of people, so we work hard to maintain affordable prices in each of our rooms. Yet, we also focus on quality. Our guests are our first priority – and they have been since the first day we proudly opened our doors for business. From the small touches, like chocolate waiting for you upon arrival to efforts that we make to get to know our guests on a personal level when they come back from a long day (or night) of sightseeing. And these small touches make a tremendous difference in guest experiences. We truly work to make HM Hostel- Moscow your home away from home. HM Hostel-Moscow also benefits from an outstanding location, in the heart of Old Moscow. HM Hostel-Moscow is only steps from Moscow’s convenient metro system that will give you easy access to all of Moscow. On a snowy night, there is nothing more romantic than a stroll to Red Square. And any time of the year, you can venture to neighbourhood restaurants — from Akademia (offering the City’s best pizzas) to Jean Jacques and its amazing selection of wines, pates and other French classics at reasonable prices. Either for new visitors or those returning to the hostel, we will continue to strive to offer our guests a wide range of options at affordable prices – helping make Moscow a destination that you will never forget.

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address:Gogolevsky Boulevard, 33, 4th floor

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