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Catherine's Palace in Pushkin

Catherine's Palace in Pushkin

Joseph Hollick

Russia has for many years been a land of mystery and intrigue to Westerners. For hundreds of years, depending on the direction of political winds, Russia has been an enigma, a friend, or an enemy of the West.

It is a miraculous country and still mysterious to many foreigners, with many cultural and historic treasures, unspoiled nature; and industrious, bright and hospitable people. Russia mothered Peter and Catherine the Great, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, Nabokov, among others, who have contributed to the rich cultural heritage.

Russia is geographically enormous, far larger than Canada or the United States. It is still the biggest country in the world, stretching from Poland to Korea and from the Polar Regions to the deserts Asia. It is also the country with the most number of neighbors in the world.

On this huge landmass there are many of the worlds greatest sights to discover. St. Petersburg and  Moscow  are surely exciting places to start your sightseeing of Russia, with world class museums, churches and other historic centers well worth exploring.

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