Vama Veche Travel Guide

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Vama Veche is a village belonging to the commune Limanu, in the south of the Constanta county, located just 7 km from the border with Bulgaria. The village was once a community of Gagauzian farmers and fishermen and was known as Ilanlâc. By 1990, the village was a retired tourist destination appreciated only by few tourists, lovers of the wild or nudists, seeking relaxation away from the noise of the other Romanian seaside resorts. The village, with only 38 modest houses, was in direct competition on the same niche market, with the village 2 Mai, 5 km norther, which was most appreciated because its proximity to the city of Mangalia. Young people rarely ventured to Vama Veche, the "youth" Costineşti beeing much more appreciated at that time. The first serious investor was the Hungarian Ferencz Tikosi, who founded the first accommodation guesthouse with private bathrooms, La Mariana Guesthouse. Since then, the village has grown constantly, having today even 3 & 4-stars accommodation units, like Hotel Laguna and Club d'Or, restaurants and various entertainments events. However, the place has the air of a student complex, with small rooms, narrow and crowded streets and noisy music from all sides. Vama Veche has become the host of festivals, events and concerts of folk, rock, jazz, salsa & bachata, film, theater and photography, such as Stufstock, Folk You, Filmstock, International Freedom Festival Jazz, Salsa & Bachata Week and Stufstock Theatre.

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