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Turda - Casa Princiara (azi Muzeul de Istorie)

Turda - Casa Princiara (azi Muzeul de Istorie)

Radu Cerghizan

Few cities in the world have the pride to tell that they are a mother for a religion, and one of them is Turda - the Unitarianism was born here. This city has a history of over 2000 years. The ruins of a roman military camp, The V.th Macedonian Legion can still be seen today on a hilltop. It is famous, also, for its salt mine (Salina Turda), whose origins date back to the Roman times. It is a magnificent salt mine, which is worth visit it. Sometimes concerts are held insie the mine. The constant temperature is 10 ° C.

If you decide to visit Turda, you can also visit Turda Gorges, Tureni Gorges or Turda Zoo. Those atractions were the reason for wich Turda was placed no 7 in Top 10 cities in Romania where is best to live.

Turzii Gorges situated 15 km from the city is a complex natural reservation, which contains botanical, geological, zoological, archaeological values and amazing sceneries. Rare butterflies, different bird species (including the rare cliff eagle) and other animals live between the walls of the gorge. Interesting archaeological discoveries were made in the caves of the gorge: tools, bowls, ornaments and primitive burial sites were found.


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