Tulcea Travel Guide

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Tulcea is a major harbor town in Dobrogea, Romania located in the marsh land of Danube Delta. The Tulcea Travel Guide seeks to give travelers in depth information on the famous landmarks, activities, history and culture and accommodation options of this charming Romanian region.


Founded in the early 7 th century BC with the ancient name of Aegyssus, Tulcea was rebuilt by the Romans after its seizure in the 15 th century BC as an after-effect of heavy ethnocentrism. Glimpses of intense Roman struggle to aquire the strategically located Tulcea is still evident in its ruined walls and fiercely defending towers. There are documented testimonies of Diodorus that mention the earliest origins of this historically fertile town that attracts visitors seeking wholesome and undiluted accounts of Roman cultural grandeur. Several students of Roman philosophy, art and civilization flock here every year to carry extensive research on the famed erstwhile origins of the town.  In 1416 Tulcea was conquered and reigned by the Ottoman Empire for over 460 years and in 1878 it was finally handed over to Romania. The place is a famous site for the Concursul George Georgescu, a euphony of musical competitions organized by the musician trainers of Tulcea Arts High School.

Things To Do

Visit St. Nicholas Church constructed in 1865 for its well-enunciated architectural designs. The Azzizie Mosque is a also an exotic and culturally rich heritage structure with quaint minarets. There are several Museums that line the streets of Tulcea like the Danube Delta History Musem--a treasure of the most extensive collection of Romanian flora and fauna. The tourist hotspot also offers a detailed account of the lifestyle of Danube Delta’s industrious fisher folk and there is a live collection of thoroughbred fish from the region and also from South America and Africa. For art connoisseurs, The Art Museum houses several magnificent pieces of wooden and glass works as well as sculptures and portraits by prolific local artists and is a must visit. Consider taking a day trip of the Danube Delta for truly exploring and appreciating the versitality of the region filled with an assortment of wildlife, scenic lakes, floating islands and lush forest expanses.


Hotel Delta is the most sought after accomodation option for its clean rooms, moderate prices and attentive service. You can also try one of the floating four star hotels- Andrei, Europolis, Finesse and Isrom.

For a town that is chracterized by splendid natural beauty and is on the brink of modern development while wearing its heritage with elan, Tulcea has few competitors.


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