Top 5 Must Do's in Romania

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Although it is oftentimes overlooked as a unique and beautiful location due to the fact that it's so far east of many of the European hot spots for tourism, a Romania must do's list is nonetheless a useful tool for deciding on a trip to this interesting country. Romania sports a number of benefits over many other European countries, including the cost of traveling, the wide diversity of culture and activities available to the tourist, and the excellent hospitalility of the people.


The capital city of Romania is a wonderful place to center your trip. Bucharest is home to the gigantic House of Parliament (the second biggest in all of Europe and a beautiful site), a number of museums, churches and restaurants, beautiful parks and outdoor areas and more. It makes a wonderful place to begin a trip, as most international flights arrive in Bucharest. Plan on renting a car or taking a bus from the airport into the city center, as taxis are generally overpriced.


Situated in the mountainous region of Romania, the Moldova area is home to many of the most famous and beautiful monasteries in the entire world. Monasteries like Voronet, Agapia, Humor, Dragomirna and more are among the oldest sites in all of Romania. Many of them are still functional today, while others are ruins that are open for tours. In any case, these are wonderful cultural sites and a way to get outside of the city.


Transylvania is perhaps the best known part of Romania to the rest of the world, famous for the non-fictional count Dracula. Although the real count was not a vampire, he was known as Vlad the Impaler for his gruesome treatment of enemies. His castle and the surrounding countryside are picturesque and make a great must-see site in Romania.


Constanta is the closest that Romania has to a summer resort town. Located on the beaches of the Black Sea, this provides Romania with a much needed coastal area (the country is otherwise landlocked). Constanta is often overlooked as a summer beach destination, but it's full of bars, restaurants and a very active nightlife that is much less expensive than other parts of the world.

Medieval Towns

Romania is home to many towns that are perfectly preserved from their medieval origins. These include Sibiu and Sighisiara, as well as others throughout the country. They are not to be missed.

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