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Unirii Square

Unirii Square

Raluca Ionescu

Timisoara is considered one of the most important cities in the Western part of Romania. Timisoara is the capital of the Timis County, a county bordering Serbia and Hungary

Timisoara is a very pleasant city and a good place to stop for some time. Its architecture  resembles with that seen in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The city is full of parks and gardens. Sights include the Union Square, Liberty Square and Victory Square. River Bega crosses the city and there are many bridges across it.

The history of Timisoara is beginning to be unrevealed by new archaeological discoveries: remains of the old fortress are nowadays added to those already existing. Timisoara used to be a star-shaped fortress with ten corners, surrounded by a water canal and a deserted area of almost 1 km (to discourage enemies' attacks).

Timisoara is mainly famous for the 1989 revolution when Romanians got rid of their dictator Ceaushescu. It all started in the city and you can see in the city some memorials to the victims. Some of the buildings, especially those in the centre, still keep the tracks of the Revolution, like bullets in their walls.

The city Center, especially the Victory Square has a lot of interesting buildings: the Metropolitan Church, the Opera. The Theater of Timisoara is the only one in the countru that houses three theaters: the Romanian, the German and the Hungarian one. This is one of the indicators of the inter ethnical tolerance of this city.

Union Square is a bohemian destination prefered by high-school teenagers located nearby, students and tourists who want to enjoy the view of old buildings, feed the pigeons or even hear the bells of the Catholic Dome. In summer there are a lot of terraces where people can have a nice chat and a cocktail.

The old and the new combine in Timisoara. Modern life is one of the main concerns of the local administration. Timisoara is proud of its alignment to informational technology- on the local administration's website people can see webcasts of the formal meetings, can chat with the council's members and make proposals and comments on the forum. There are areas where anyone carrying a notebook can use the free wireless connection. Union Square and Traian Square are only two of these.

Tourists can go shopping to Iulius Mall, where they have a wide range of shops, bars, restaurants and also a swimming pool.

Numerous festivals, especially art and youth festivals, have brought Timisoara's old title back to life: "Timisoara, the small Vienna".

Another main attraction is represented by football matches taking place in Timisoara. Its representative football team, Poli Timisoara, is supported by thousands of enthusiastic fans who fill the "Dan Paltinisan" Stadium by day and by night. The representative colours of the football team are white and violet, colours that can be seen not only on the team's flag but also on the new buses of Timisoara.

The name Poli it's an abbreviation for Politehnica, which is one of the educational institution with technique profile that has a long tradition in Timisoara. Another high-studies institution is the Western  University  of Timisoara and there are also a few other universities.

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