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The 40 ooo inhabitants town, situated on Ukrainian border, in Northern Transylvania, has a couple of good atractions:

The Memorial of the Victims of Comunism and of the Resistance -the former prison of the Departament, built in 1897, today museum of European signifiance, under the aegis of the Council of Europe.

The Village Museum of Maramureş - open air museum, with over 30 wooden houses dated in XVII-XIX centuries. Wooden church (XVI century) brought here from Onceşti village.

The Piarist Monastery -built in 1730, today The Archaeological, History and Natural Science Museum.

The Calvinistic Church -the oldest building in town (XIV century), former roman-catholic church, mix of gothic and new gothic styles.

The Roman-Catholic Church „Saint Carol Boromeu”- barocco style, built between 1730-1806: sun clock above the entrance, Armenian altar, barocco paintings and statues, stained glass windows.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church „Elevation of the Holy Cross ”-built between 1791-1807, many saints relics.

The Synagogue -built between 1900-1904, mauric-renascentist style, the only synagogue (belonging to the former 14.000 jews community) which survived in town.

The Elie Wiesel House -today The Jewish Culture and Civilisation Museum, the place where was born the laureate of the 1986 Nobel Prize for Peace.

The Jewish Cemetery and The Soap Monument -here are the graves of the Hasidic movement founders (the Rabbies of Teitelbaum dinasty). The Soap Monument contains two boxes filled with soap made by jews gassed at Auschwitz camp.

Livestock Market -on Tractorului street, very colourful, takes place on the first Monday of the month.

Central Market -where the merchants sell vegetables, fruits, dairy products, handicrafts etc.

  The Steam Engine -Henschel&Sohn type, constructed in 1943, registred in the National Treasure (on Gării street).

The Historical Bridge -replacing an older one, it was built by wood between 1999-2005. It’s 200 m length makes the connection with Solotvino-Ukraine.

Reduta Palace -built in XIX century as military casino, it hosted the first cinema in town (1914), today the Ethnographically Museum of Maramures, and „Mara” Cinema.  

Groedl Villa -built in 1887 for the Groedl von Marmorosch Baron, today The Center of Recovery and Rehabilitation for the Disabled.

The Cemetery of the Poor -here are burried in anonimous graves about 50 dignitaries (Iuliu Maniu, Gh.I.Brătianu, bishops, academicians, ministers, journalists) who were killed inside the Sighet jail, during 1950’s.


You can find accomodation at several hotels and motels: Coroana, Nova, Casa Iurca de Calinesti, Perla Sigheteana, Siesta, Buti, Pensiunea Doina and so on.


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