Sibiu Travel Guide

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Around Sibiu

Around Sibiu

Stephan Adelson

Sibiu is a city in southern Transylvania with a rich medieval and Baroque heritage.

Sibiu is an important city in the history of Transylvania. Founded by Saxons in 1191, it was plundered by the Tatars in 1241, and then rebuilt with great vigour and fortified. Walls, watchtowers and big gates were built so that in the future the city would be capable of defending itself from such attacks. Historians from the 15th century attest Sibiu as the most important and powerful citadel of Transylvania, surrounded by strong walls and abutments including 5 bastions and 39 towers. It worked: in 1432, 1437, 1438 and 1442 the citadel was unsuccessfully attacked by the Turks under the leadership of Murad II.

During the 18th century Viennese baroque left a big stamp on the city. Most of today's sights date either from the late middle ages when many bastions and towers were built for the defense or from the baroque period when palaces and merchant houses sprang up in the old centre.

The main medieval sights of Sibiu include: the 13th century Stairway Tower, the 14th century Town Hall Tower and the Town Hall itself, the 16th century Haller Bastion and the 15th century Evangelical Church.

The Brukenthal Palace is a good example of the Viennese baroque style. The Orthodox Cathedral, in Byzantine style, and the Astra Palace are good examples of 19-20th century Romanian architecture.

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