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Predeal sky night

Predeal sky night

Predeal Mountain Resort is situated in Transylvania-Romania, 25 km from Brasov, 147km (100miles) from Bucharest. The resort altitude is 1033 m, being Romania's highest town. Nestled between Bucegi Mountains, Predeal is a good base for mountain trails hike and, in winter, for skiing down the Clabucet and Cioplea slopes.

Famous chalets are: Trei brazi - elevation 1,128 m, Clabucet Sosire - 1,050 m, Clabucet Plecare - 1,450 m, Garbova - 1,350 m, Piatra Mare - 1,630 m, Susai - 1,350 m, Poiana Secuilor - 1,070 m, etc.

All-season holiday resort of national importance, Predeal has summer average temperature 16°C and winter average temperature 1°C. The snow blanket lasts from late November to early March. The clean air, rich in ozone and the relatively low pressure are the main cure factors recommended in the treatment of astheric neurosis, weakly conditions, physical and intellectual overexertion, certain endocrine disorders.

The various ski runs (Clabucet - lighted at night, Teleschi, Cioplea, a.o.) have chiar-lift and skilift. Predeal has low price ski schools having highly qualified ski trainers speaking english, german, french.


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