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Parcul din fata Casei sindicatelor

Parcul din fata Casei sindicatelor

robert georgian

Ploiesti is one of the oldest city in Romania. Centuries ago used to be a focal point of mediaval marketing for all the travelers going north thru the Carpathian Mountains. It is located equally distant between the capital Bucharest and the largest Carpathian mountain passes that connect South Romania to North Romania(Transilvania).

Nowadays the city is mostly known for its oil infrastracture that supported our beloved Allies during World War I . It isn't an extremely active town anymore it's aging due to the lack of investment interests. It has always been a industrial town dwindling down during the Cold War reaching a plateau during the 1990's.

It has great potential for development because of the unexploited investment prospect on a large scale. The city is over 700K people strong, and mostly blue collar. There is just too much to describe the city you have to pass thru it and see it. 


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