Miercurea Ciuc Travel Guide

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Koen Jansen

Miercurea Ciuc (Csikszereda in Hungarian)is a small city in the Szekely land, known throughout Romania for 2 things: the beer (simply called Ciuc) and the year-round low temperatures. Its more than 90% Hungarian and is slowly taking over from Tirgu Mures (Marosvasarhely) as the regional cultural center for the Szeklers. The city is not known for its beautiful townscape largely thanks to mr. Ceaucescu´s heavy-handed refurbishments of the city center, so there´s lots of 60´s to 80´s concrete, but here and there you can find some nice turn of the century streets and buildings and there are some nice new or renovated places to eat or drink around town same as beautiful landscape all around. There´s also a Hungarian-language university and therefore some studentlife as well. All in all a nice place to break your journey when travelling though the Szekely Land and a good place to stock up before hiking up the Harghita forests.


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