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Curtea de Arges Festival August 2008

Curtea de Arges Festival August 2008

Gabriela Berchetaru

One of the oldest cities in Romania, Curtea de Arges (in translation: The Court of Arges) used to be the capital of Wallachia (we, Romanians, call this region Muntenia, as there are many mountains here). Another name for Wallachia is Vechiul Regat- The Old Kingdom, as its history indicates it as one of the first regions where royal dinasties set foot.
It is part of Arges County, situated next to Pitesti, on the bank of river Arges. Argeş is a river of Southern Romania, which rises from the Făgăraş Mountains, in the Carpathians and flows into the Danube.It was known in antiquity as Argessos, Ardeiscus or Ordessus river.
Curtea de Arges is situated in a valley of the Fagaras Mountains, highest part of the Romanian Carpathians and it is also near to Transfagarasan Highway. The Fagaras Mountains are a very popular hiking, trekking and skiing destination in Romania.

Population: 32.500(2004)

In the town, you can visit the History Museum,which hosts some of the oldest artefacts in the history of the place, from antiquity to the First World War. Even if the employees are not very enthusiastic in explaining things, you may still enjoy some chapters of local history.

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