Top 5 Must Do's in Bucharest

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As the gateway to Romania, Bucharest combines old and new in this capital city that is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. The city has changed greatly in recent years and is now a fascinating mix of old and new that many love for its unique charm and others find drab with the Communist-era gray buildings that make up a lot of the city’s architecture. However, the city has created a sophisticated and trendy vibe that makes it a great place to visit. Here are the top 5 must do’s in Bucharest:

1. Old Center

This quaint area of town set on cobblestone streets offers an interesting stroll back in time to see 19th century buildings, including the ruins of the Wallachian princes’ medieval court, hotels, clubs, churches and shops.

2. Parliament Palace

Check out the world’s second largest building which includes 12 stories, 3100 rooms and spans over 330,000 square meters. Join one of the 45-minute tours that kick off every half hour to view the building’s marble rooms and a great view from Nicolae Ceausescu’s balcony.

3. Bucharest Village Museum

The largest outdoor museum in Europe, covers 30 acres situated on Lake Herastrau’s shore in the Herestrau Park. With over 40 buildings depicting Romania’s rural architecture, this is a fascinating look at the country’s historical log cabins, churches, watermills, peasant homes and thatched barns.

4. Peasant Museum

This folk art collection features over 90,000 artifacts that follow the diverse lives of the Romanian population. This is the most comprehensive view of the styles and traditions of the Romanian people with items dating all the way back to the 1700s. Previously named European Museum of the Year, this is a great look at carpets, icons, furniture, tools and photographs from all over the country.

5. Carol Park

One of the most beautiful parks in the city, this expansive greenspace features an eternal flame marking the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and holds a massive monument that previously held the remains of the communist leader Gheorge Gheorgiu Dej. The park offers some beautiful tree-lined paths, a great view of the city from the monument and the opportunity for a relaxing afternoon in the park. In the summer, the park is also host to numerous open air concerts at Arenele Romane.

Bucharest is a pleasant mix of modern day style and old world charm and a great place to start out your tour of Romania.

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