Museums in Bucharest

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Bucharest's museums are a destination in themsleves.

The open-air Village Museum in Herastrau Park is a beautiful story, a treasure offered by the anonymous Romanian peasant and revealed to the world by the work of extraordinary people like professor Dimitrie Gusti, professor Henry Stahl and many others.

The National Museum of Art founded in 1948 is housed by the former building of the Royal Palace. The aim of the museum is to provide a comprehensive collection on Romanian and International art from the middle age to the present.

The former Palace of the Post Service a remarkable monument of the neo-classical style built by architect Alexandru Savulescu houses the National Museum of History on Calea Victoriei. In 1972 due to the effort made by famous university professors and researchers the museum was opened to the public and grow constantly through donations, new acquisitions and archeological discovers.

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