Getting There in Bucharest

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Bucharest is the capital of Romania and the industrial center of the country. The city has a seemingly limitless amount of sites to visit, from museums to city buildings to theaters. Though much has been destroyed over the years, there are still many old palaces and buildings. Bucharest is accessible both by train and airplane.

By Ground

Romania's main railway, Căile Ferate Române, serves the whole country of Romania with it's hub located in Bucharest. Many other trains connect with Romania's from surrounding countries (Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova, and Bulgaria). Luckily for the prospective tourist, most of the countries' trains are quite inexpensive by American or Western European standards, especially once arriving in Romania. For example, a 7-hour train ride from Iasi to Bucharest costs only around $25. Eurail is a dependable company that you can use to buy multi-country transportation passes, but it may end up being less expensive to purchase the tickets individually. Check prices and see what's available for the time you're visiting.

By Air

Two international airports are located in Bucharest. Henri Coandă Airport is served by large airlines and Delta is 1  of the most frequently seen planes. Aurel Vlaiciu Airport is served by budget airlines such as Germanwings and Sky Europe. These airlines have made travel to Bucharest (and almost anywhere else in Europe) not only affordable, but downright cheap. Beware when booking with these budget airlines, though. You may be forced to pay for services that are included in larger air lines-- such as paying to check baggage and paying if you don't have a boarding pass or E-ticket. With some airlines, you even have to pay to check in.

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