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Brasov is a charming town located in the geographical centre or Romania. Before the great Tartar invasion of 1241 Brasoc had already developed into a city. The earliest documentary data testify to the existence of Brasov in 1234, under the name of "Corona". During the feudal period, the nucleus of the town - the Citadel - was the centre of the handicraft and cultural administrative activities.

In the 15th and 16th centuries the aspect of Brasov must have been very much like that of any medieval town in the centre of Europe. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the aspect of the town began to resemble the one it has today, the buildings bearing the stamp of the Baroque or of the Viennese Rococo.

Brasov has always been an important cultural centre. It is in Scheii Brasov that the first school with tuition in Romanian was founded in 1495, and it was here too that Deacon Coresi printed the first book written in Romanian (the 16th century). Contemporary Brasov, with a population of about 400,000 is a busy industrial, shopping, tourist and cultural centre. The geographic position and natural beauty, the great variety of the scenery and its contrasting aspects, the numberless historic and architectonic monuments make Brasov one of Romania's main urban centres.

A centrepiece in Brasov is the Black Church which is pictured above. there is an extensive collection of antique rugs on display throughout the church, along with numerous icons it is an essential visiting point.

Brasov serves as an access hub for the local ski field named Poiana-Brasov. it has easy access by taxi or even by bus (train from Bucharest). Dollar for dollar you won't get better value skiing. The lift system is somewhat antiquated but this adds to the charm of the experience. There is a cafe half way down the mountain called the Cabina Postavarul which has a beautiful rustic feel about it, this adds to the flavour of the Ciorbas (soups) which are served as a welcome respite on the side of the mountain. 


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