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Souvenirs at Bran Castle

Souvenirs at Bran Castle

Praful Soneji

The little homestead of Vlad Tepes', also known as Dracula, Bran Castle, is one of the top attractions in Transsylvania and easily reached from Brasov. Although there are no historic sources linking the famous count with the sharp teeth to the castle, popular belief and travel writers have it that this is the place. Whatever you think, it definately is a pretty nice castle and a must see if you are around.

The building of Bran Castle started somewhere around the year 1378. The constructors somehow succeeded in combining wood with the rock brought from Magura Branului. The castle had a protective and commercial purpose.

While the centuries passed by changes have been made to the castle. Many of the changes and reparations have been made by the prince Gabriel Bethlen. He added another rectangular tower, a square tower with two floors and the actual gate. The old observatory tower, dated 1622, shows the Romanian architectural style. During 1920-1930 other changes have been made. The fire holes turned into windows, the well into the elevator's room and the stoves into fireplaces. There have been added towers to the stairs and it was built in wood the fourth floor.


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