Things to Do in Praia da Rocha

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The Praia Da Rocha Things to Do list involves something for the entire family. Praia Da Rocha is an important tourist destination in Portugal. It is located between Portiamo and the Alvor village. Read on to find out about all the things that you can do in Praia Da Rocha.


The main attraction in Praia Da Rocha is the beach, which is spread over 2 kilometers. The golden sand and the sunshine make it a great recreational spot for the visitors. The beach is well maintained but gets crowded during the peak seasons. You can venture out to nearby areas that provide the same atmosphere, minus the crowds. You can indulge in several water-related activities at the beach, the most popular being deep sea fishing, snorkeling and sailing.

Santa Bernada Cruises

Enjoy the beautiful coastline of Praia Da Rocha on board the Santa Bernada Cruises. This is a pirate ship that offers a unique cruise experience to the guests. The starting point of the cruise is from the Portimao Harbor. The cruise is designed in such a way that you can admire the caves in Algarve on a special cave boat. You can also step off the cruise line and enjoy a barbecue on any of the private beaches in Praia Da Rocha.

St. Catarina

Understand the history of Praia Da Rocha at the fort of St. Catarina. It is located just off the beach and is a must-see attraction in Praia Da Rocha. From the fort you can take in the breathtaking view of the region. It was built in 1621 to protect the city from Spanish pirates. The place has a lot of history and offers a peek into the region's past. After you have surveyed the fort you can rest in the newly built cafe.

The Marina

The Marina is a place of opulence and scenic beauty. You can take a walk along the promenade and enjoy the beautiful views. Scan through the various cruise lines, yachts and boats that are docked at the Marina. There are several restaurants and bars where you can lounge around and enjoy a drink or two. The Marina is always bustling with activity from roller skating, dolphin shows and live performances.


Praia Da Rocha draws golfing enthusiasts from all around the world. It has several well-maintained golf courses. There are three main golf courses in Praia Da Rocha. If you're looking for a professional course built for the golfers with high skill levels, then set out to the Penina Course.

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